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Sorry I couldn't get around to translating it till today.
There's also a part 1 here:
Part 1: http://youtu.be/6VdaJZvuTfQ
Part 2: http://youtu.be/Q4ps5MJFcfk
Not my videos!

I translated both. My english has sort of degraded over the years, so I apologize for any grammar issues, hope they aren't too distracting. :)

Ari: To start, are there any nicknames for today you want to use? Please call me Ari-chan
VI: Since my real name is Seungri, you can just call me Seung-chan.
Ari: What about you TOP?
TOP: TOP-San is good.
GD: GD is .. yes.
YB: For me, Sol-kun
Dae: Since D-Lite is sort of long, TO-san (sounds like father in jp so lol) D-lite's To. To-San
Ari: Seung-chan, TOP-san, DG [GD:GD!], SOL-kun, To-san.

For today, I thought we could get to know each other more so let's play a game.
Ultimage Judge: The game has one question and two choices you can choose from.

Ari: Ultimate Judge, start!

In a relationship, which sort of person would you pick?
Someone who is clingy/controlling B. Someone who is distant/aloof

Dae: Difficult~
YB: I worry about it now, like which sort of person is better
Ari: Everyone ready? How do you say 1,2,3 in korean?
VI: hana deul set~

(Since everyone sort of talked over each other i couldn't hear anything so I'm guesing they're all happy they picked the same thing and Ari remarks how they all want to be free.)

Ari: we just casually high-fived.
MC:I didn't know high touch/high-fives came that easily

Ari: Of course everyone wants their freedom, right? Don't really like to be binded, right
YB: But the thing is, being binded may also be a bit of a good thing, if there aren't it makes me wonder if they really like me or not?
Seungri: Before a while ago I had a girl I liked, because i was recording I can't pick up the phone. But she would keep calling me and get really mad when I don't pick up. "Why won't you pick up my calls? "Eh but I'm working" I really liked her but because she was too clingy my feelings lessened.
YB: Makes you want to run away
Ari: Which one do you think of yourself as?
TOP: I think I'm more A.
Dae: I used to be more clingy, but I want to be more like B.
YB: Right now.. you are.. really flying.
All: Flying?
Caption: WHAT?
YB: Since coming to japan, D-lite is really flying (as in free i'm guessing haha)
Dae *Statue of liberty* Oolong tea of liberty!

Which compliment would you like more?
A. You're nice
B. You're funny

Ari: So being funny is better? That's unexpected.
YB: Saying something funny or doing a funny gag that makes people laugh, it makes me happy
VI: Right now, can you show us something funny.
Tae: ............. Right now? VI recently taught me something... "Ari-chan so cute~"
VI: Funny, right~
Ari: Are there any popular gags in korea right now?
VI: There's a few these days. Instead of saying I like you normally, you say 'jou da~". I really like it~" "I totally like it~"

Ari: Is this really interesting? lol Is it really popular?
Dae: You gotta make your lips like that.
VI: Like this... Jou da.. jinjja jou da~
Ari: Is this really interesting?
GD: Ya really
VI: Next you do this with your fingers, "buy this for me~"
Caption: Gag time OVER.

Where would you do for your first date?
A Movies
B Amusement park

VI: GD and me for movies
Is going to the amusement park really a good idea?
Ari: Well, since I really like it, I'd want to go on the rides again and again. And after we can be like "wahh it was so fun!!"
YB: If you go to the movies, you'd just be watching the movie the entire time.
VI: No you're wrong. We don't watch the movie.
YB: Ah, please show us with top how you'd do it then.
Caption pointng at TOP: Girlfriend substitute
VI: No we'd have like popcorn and drinks and sit beside each other and be like "Want some?' and rather than watch the movie, we'd watch them.
Tae: I know what you're talking about, but I don't lke that sort of atmosphere
VI: Whyyyy but we're sitting so close
Ari: But at the park, you'd be like "wahh" and 
GD: Since I really like parks I really excited
VI: TOP.. Umm, are parks really okay?
TOP: To be able to hold hands with my girlfriend on a date has been a dream of mine.
VI: *Translates*

MC: Top kind of looks like a fashionable assassin, doesn't he?
Caption: is that a compliment?'

TOP: I want to try going out like a normal couple
VI: *Translates for TOP* Then why don't we do it? We can hold hands too....
TOP: Not like this!

Part 2

Which is more scary?
A Roller coaster
B Haunted House

Dae: Jet coasters [YB: Jet coasters?] aren't scary at all. But haunted houses... wah... it's..
Ari: You went today right? Fujikyu highland's haunted house is really scary, right
Dae: It was horrible..

At Fujikyo HIghland they went to investigate which is more scary, the roller coaster or the haunted mansion by seeing BB's reactions.
1:30 Dae: It's alright, it's gonna be alright. It's not alright!!!!

First in, is VI and GD.
VI; Don't be nervous, i'll protect you.
VI: Excuse me, is anyone here~
Oh, you're working hard. [MC: He's not scared at all.]
We have a live performance on May, so please come.
GD please go in first.

GD: I'm scared...
VI: Dun worry, I"ll protect you.
That's disgusting!!
Narrator: Gathering their nerves they continue on.. at that time.. *guy scares GD*
It seems GD really isn't good with haunted houses.

Narrator: The result of rock paper scissors, D-Lite leads.
Dae: Ah, my hearts pounding........ See!! SEE!! THere's something there!!! It's there!!! Ahh..

Dae: This isn't good..
Narrator: Dae's scream scares the others

TOP: Are you gonna be okay alone? D-Lite!
Caption: Too scared so D-Lite clings to the assistant.
Narrator: Then the three appraoch the long hallway..
Dae: Run on three.. 1, 2, 3!
Narrator: It seems D-Lite didn't follow. At that time....
In the end, the one who was scared of both was D-lite!

Dae: Noo, so embarrassing.. [Ari: It was really scary right~] It was totally scary
YB: Because the people after us had to wait for so long, the staff had to come and be like "You promised..[You'd finish]"
Caption: The staff's last resort

When schedules collide, which would you choose?
A. Best friend's wedding
B. Girlfriend's birthday

VI: Instead of just friends. Since we don't have that many friends, how about make it Big bang members?
GD: For girlfriend, how long have we been together for?
Dae: Two years and up. (LOOK AT DAE'S SMIRK.)
Dae: That's good, Big Bang comrade. (To YB)
Ari: I'm not Big bang, but that's good!~
Tae: I already knew TOP would be like that...
Caption: Trust ZERO.
TOP: It's not like that.. It's just.. I don't know how many times you're all going to marry so...
Dae: Marriage is definitely once.
Tae: Definitely once
VI: It shouldn't matter how many times, for us..
Ari: It seems this question is causing a little friction between the members so... this is a dangerous question.
TOP: It was a joke.

Which would you not want your girlfriend to find?
A Porn
B Pictues of exes.

Ari: For me.. it would be which one would I rather find right?
GD: Seung-chan .. has a lot of this sort of DVDs
VI: Nooooo
GD: He loves it. [He actually says Mania but that sounds odd in english]
VI: No I'm not...
Tae: If you found out he watches those sort of videos, how would you feel about it?
Ari: Well I would think I guess he can't help it but I'd feel .. [Tae: Disgusted?] Not disgusted but -- ah so he's this sort of kid.. That sort of feeling.
Tae; This is sort of embarrassing, like you're a pervert.
GD: This one.. is sort of weird, right? But B is.. dangerous.
Ari: B would end the relationship, right?
Tae: That's why since it would end things,
Ari: She would never stop wondering what happened to the ex.
Dae: A is just embarrassing. But B is sort of like we might break up..
Tae: If it's just looking, it's..
VI: "Who's this?" "Oh it's my ex.."
Dae: But then the problem becomes "Who's this person?" Then it's "What did you guys do?" Our past, that becomes the problem.
Tae: This this.. *points at A* why did you watch?
Dae: That.. that.. I just wanted to watch. That's it.
VI: Lol To-san...
YB: Then are you gonna start studying now?
VI: ............. Study what?

So this is it, Ultimate Judge's result. We have seen Big Bang's real personalities!

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